The Heritage collection is inspired from Rachel’s parental heritage of Myanmar (Burma) and Scotland. Aspects of nature, architecture and memorabilia adorn wallpapers, fabrics and light shades. Hand drawings, block prints and screen prints have been created and composed together to create patterns in a variety of scales to repeat seamlessly across a range of digitally printed interior products.

Inspired by Flora & Fauna, drawings and watercolours of bees, birds, butterflies, beetles and dragonflies intermixed with flowers and leaves from walks around Hampshire and Cornwall adorn a range of fabrics, papers, Giclee prints and bone china mugs. All products available to buy in SHOP

The Geometric collection is inspired from structure, shape, pattern and form found within architecture and manmade forms. Grids, pavements and aspects of buildings are portrayed within the composition of each design. Rachel's photographs have been developed and incorporated alongside drawings and block prints composed together to create a collage of pattern repeats and placement designs. Products include luxury silk scarves, bone china mugs, retro lamp shades, Giclee prints and A5 Notebooks.

Geometric products are available to buy in the SHOP

Add a touch of colourful translucency to your interior with these striking Perspex art works. Each design is created by hand and composed of drawings, tie dyed fabrics and screen prints. Consideration for colour, light, shadow and space plays an integral part within the design, allowing for the translucent qualities of the Perspex to be included in each finished piece. The completed design is digitally printed onto Perspex. 

Artworks are made to order and can be purchased in the SHOP

Commissions for bespoke designs and sizes are also taken. Please email Rachel for further information.

Rachel’s final MA project was based upon the theme of heritage. She focused upon her father’s Scottish heritage and her mother’s Burmese heritage. Rachel interlinked elements of her personal heritage and identity, drawing on significant memorabilia and architecture from childhood through to the present day. This included a collection of her grandmother’s buttons and her grandfather’s old coins mixed with drawings and patterns inspired by Stockport viaduct and Southampton City walls. Rachel was particularly interested in creating a line of reference, through imagery and design to the link with identity and the fusion of cultures; the objective of which was to create an interesting and exciting range of designs for fabrics, wall coverings and Perspex.